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Flex-A-Pearl Charm Program

The Flex-A-Pearl Charm Program by Deep Ocean Pearl provides you with the unique ability to create your own sterling silver charm style bracelet or anklet using an assortment of cultured pearls set in sterling silver.  

What is unique is the different shapes, sizes and colours of cultured pearls available and which can be easily added to as you want, your style dictates or needs require.

All of the anklets and bracelets we have chosen to use are Italian sterling silver and Rhodium Plated to keep them looking pristine as long as possible.  All of our pearls are freshwater in nature and cultured in keeping with all of the pearls we offer.  

Combined, this exciting new program is the perfect choice of pearl girls for every occasion, style, age, budget and reason.  

We hope you like it!

Deep Ocean Pearl


Pssst:  Did you know we have matching earrings available for all of our pearl charms?