Deep Ocean Pearl
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About us...

Using Mother Nature's original perfect bead, the pearl, Deep Ocean Pearl is proud to be an Edmonton based company founded in 2012 which focuses strictly on pearls and pearl jewellery.

Utilizing contacts built up over numerous years in the jewellery business, Deep Ocean Pearl carefully selects its pearl pieces based upon quality, value and design. As a result, most of our pieces will not be seen in any of the jewellery or bridal stores.

Strands of pearls, both freshwater and saltwater, are available in any length, size, and quality within two weeks.  Deep Ocean Pearl also offers Tahitian and South Sea pearls on an individual consultation basis for the most discriminating clients.

Bringing these pieces directly out to our clients and avoiding a traditional bricks and mortar structure also helps to reduce our costs and increase your savings.  

Deep Ocean Pearl has quickly grown into the largest pearl company in the Edmonton area and remains strictly devoted to pearls and pearl jewellery.